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CBD is considered non-intoxicating, so individuals will not get high when consuming it. “CBD products generally do not cause side effects, but we do advise that anyone already taking significant medication to consult their physician before adding CBD to their daily routine,” explains Mullen. “CBD is unlikely to cause someone to fail a drug test (World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA, have announced that CBD is not a banned substance for professional athletes), but we do recommend that individuals who are required to take drug tests – for work or other reasons – clarify whether CBD is considered a banned substance for their particular situations,” he says.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, an active ingredient in cannabis derived from the hemp plant. Hemp is often confused with marijuana hence the stigma surrounding CBD. Though coming from the same family, these two plants are very different. “CBD is considered non-intoxicating, so individuals will not get high when consuming it,” explains Fiachra Mullen, marketing director of Altum International, a cannabinoid innovation platform that distributes various CBD products for the retail, food, and beverage industry. Hemp plants don’t produce enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to have an intoxicating effect, unlike its cousin marijuana, so CBD derived from hemp is not psychoactive.

What is CBD?

Full spectrum – refers to CBD extracts that contain all naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis plants, including terpenes (what gives marijuana its unique smell), flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. In other words, full spectrum has it all, which includes THC. Sometimes referred to as ‘whole plant CBD’, full spectrum CBD oils or tinctures processed from hemp never exceed 0.3 percent THC so it cannot make a person high. Some skincare products label their ingredients as full spectrum if the whole plant is used for the CBD extraction, but if there are zero traces of THC this falls under the broad spectrum.

CBD comes in many forms – If you’re ok with the taste of liquid drops under your tongue, then high-grade oil or tincture products are suitable for your consumption. If you want to skip the vegetal and earthy taste, you can opt for pills, capsules, gummies, and food-infused products like chocolates, cookies, and other treats.

Topical and digestible CBD products

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