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Psychological stress can manifest in mysterious ways. Even if you feel “normal” during the day, your subconscious could rebel with serious teeth grinding every night…. Learn about what CBD (cannabidiol) sleep products are and how they can help you get a better night's sleep naturally, without the "high" or hangover effects. Your access to this site has been limited by the site owner If you think you have been blocked in error, contact the owner of this site for assistance. If you are a WordPress user with

Calm Chattering Teeth With CBD — Could Tribe CBD Help With Nighttime Grinding?

Psychological stress can manifest in mysterious ways. Even if you feel “normal” during the day, your subconscious could rebel with serious teeth grinding every night. In fact, it appears this stress response is getting more common in our hectic modern world.

According to the American Dental Association, there have never been so many people in dental clinics with complications related to teeth grinding (aka bruxism). Dentists claim there has been a 70 percent uptick in stress-related bruxism between 2020 and 2021.

Since bruxism is intertwined with stress, some people believe CBD may offer assistance. After all, many people take Tribe CBD oil for anxiety—so why wouldn’t it help with this condition?

Does CBD Get Rid Of “Gnashing Teeth?”

Unfortunately, we can’t say CBD oil directly affects bruxism. To date, there are no studies specifically examining CBD’s effect on this troubling condition.

However, there’s plenty of evidence that suggests CBD has anti-anxiety properties. As we’ve noted in previous posts, placebo-controlled studies out of Japan found CBD had a positive effect on patients with social anxiety disorder.

Also, data suggests CBD could benefit people who suffer from night terrors. In fact, a study out of the University of Colorado tracked CBD’s effectiveness on PTSD patients. Impressively, patients who took CBD every day seemed to experience fewer nightmares during the trial period.

Since many doctors believe anxiety plays a role in bruxism, it makes sense that CBD’s soothing properties should reduce symptom severity. Unfortunately, we can’t make a 1:1 correlation until researchers examine CBD specifically for teeth grinding.

If you are going to use Tribe CBD for nighttime grinding, we’d suggest starting with our CBD Sleep Shots. Although our standard CBD oil should work well, Tribe’s CBD Sleep Shots have an extra dose of melatonin to help improve your sleep quality.

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What About Using CBD Oil For TMJ Disorder?

If you’re a teeth-grinder, then you’re probably all-too-familiar with the temporomandibular joint. Often called “TMJ,” this joint is located in the jaw and often gets “out of whack” due to grinding.

Amazingly, many doctors now believe at least 10 million Americans have some degree of TMJ disorder. Symptoms could range in terms of severity, but some of the most common complaints include neck pain, headaches, and, of course, jaw pain.

Yet again, many TMJ disorder patients are turning to CBD oil for relief. Since CBD shows promise as an anti-inflammatory, it would likely have a healing influence on a person’s TMJ symptoms.

Interestingly, many patients put CBD topically on their jaw to relieve tension and mild swelling. Some trials on CBD topicals suggest they help with knee inflammation, so why shouldn’t they work on the jaw?

Like nighttime grinding, we can’t say anything conclusive about using CBD for TMJ disorder. However, considering CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s likely this cannabinoid may help patients struggling with this condition.

Smear Some CBD On Your Toothpaste? — Learn More About CBD For Teeth Hygiene

If you thought using CBD for tooth grinding was crazy, you’ll be shocked to learn some patients are putting CBD oil on their toothpaste. That’s right; a few dentists believe CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory benefits could strengthen our gums. While CBD is no substitute for regular brushing and flossing, it could play a dramatic role in dental hygiene.

To learn more about this exciting topic, you’ve got to check out our previous post dedicated to CBD for teeth health.

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CBD Oil For Bruxism

CBD is short for cannabidiol, an organic compound naturally produced by the plants in the Cannabis genus. Cannabidiol belongs to a class of chemicals known as cannabinoids, which are made by marijuana and hemp plants. CBD does not cause intoxication like other cannabinoids such as THC; in fact, it may counteract the strong effects caused by tetrahydrocannabinol. [1] Research into possible therapeutic uses of cannabidiol and a legal grey area for CBD has led to a profusion of products, including CBD sleep products.

Naturally occurring medicine

People have been using cannabis therapeutically for thousands of years. There are a variety of compounds present in cannabis which are active when consumed, and cannabidiol is one of them. Cannabidiol has the advantage of not producing a strong psychoactive “high” like THC. The intensity of a strong THC high can actually be a stimulant, which would make for a poor natural sleeping remedy.

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CBD products have high levels of cannabidiol while having little to no levels of THC. There are a number of ways of making CBD products that don’t include high-producing compounds. Successful selective breeding efforts to increase the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol in cultivated cannabis have recently been matched by an increase in CBD content. In fact, there are now commercially available strains of marijuana which contain almost no THC, but high amounts of CBD. Different batches of plant material may have different levels of CBD, but the intense psychoactive effects of cannabis ingestion can be avoided with these special strains.

Another way to get increased CBD content is to physically isolate the cannabinol compound through distillation or some other laboratory method. A mix of active compounds are first extracted from cannabis plant material in a laboratory using a solvent. This solution is then physically separated using fractional distillation, crystallization, or other methods. The advantage with this method is that it is possible to get the specific therapeutic compounds desired to produce a consistent dose when added to a CBD product. The CBD can be mixed with non-cannabinoid compounds for desired combinations, like in CBD sleep gummies with melatonin.

Getting better sleep

CBD can help with a number of different sleep problems. Research has found that cannabidiol can provide a better night of sleep. One specific sleep issue that CBD is effective at reducing is sleep bruxism. This is when someone’s sleep is disrupted due to grinding teeth at night. Topical application of CBD to the jaw muscles can alleviate bruxism, which can lead to a better night of sleep. [2]

CBD sleep products come in many different forms, including sprays, teas, tinctures, tablets, gummies, chocolates, or oils. A CBD tea for sleep difficulties may include other herbs in a tea bag or mixture that can be steeped in water to make a before-bed tea. CBD sleep sprays are topical sprays that absorb sublingually or through the skin.

A study involving people reporting sleep issues found that taking at least 25 milligrams of cannabidiol improved the quality of sleep. [3] The research found that nearly four out of five participants in the study experienced improved sleep. Whether participants ingested a CBD capsule in the morning or before bed did not seem to make a large difference in how much sleep was improved.

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CBD is considered a Schedule I drug by the United States federal government because it is a component or derivative of marijuana. [4] While illegal on a federal level, many individual states have legalized marijuana and cannabis products. This includes cannabidiol, which means CBD occupies a legally gray area. Many states that have legalized the sale of marijuana and marijuana products have focused their regulatory efforts on THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is why CBD sleep products can be purchased easily online, as there is very little to no regulation of CBD sales.

Many states in the US that have legalized cannabis have required the cannabinoid content of various products to be tested before sale. This information may be available to end users either directly on the packaging of the cannabis product or online. Unfortunately, research into the accuracy of the cannabinoid testing results has found that some labs consistently report higher than actual levels of cannabinoids. You could and should independently research any claims about CBD content you may find, and research the laboratories that are used to test for CBD content. But unless you are a chemist with lab equipment with which to test a CBD sleep product yourself, at some point you will have to rely on someone else’s testimony.

CBD sleep gummies are chewable like a gummy bear. CBD sleep gummies contain cannabidiol in a gelatin or pectin base, making them soft and flexible. It probably isn’t a good idea to smoke a CBD sleep gummy, and smoking them isn’t required in order to gain the benefits of cannabidiol.

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