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cbd oil drug test reddit

I got accepted into the beginning stages of a pre-apprenticeship program and now I'm worried I've ruined it all, or at least until next year. Has anyone here ever taken CBD, or know someone that did, and then had a drug test? I have to go in on Thursday. I'm debating buying a test at home and seeing if I pass.

Drink a lot of water directly before the test. This will make your sample show up as diluted, and either you will pass, or they will say it is diluted and have you retake it at a later date. If they give you a hard time, say “I live an active lifestyle, so I always drink a lot of water”. Source: used to take probation drug tests. CBD is never found with 0% THC, so you are rightly concerned; but drink lots of water in the days leading up to your test and especially the day of. You’ll be fine.

Thank you, I will keep chugging water!

Update: passed, thanks everyone for your help and support. No more CBD for me!

As far as I understand, CBD has to have less than 2% THC to be sold as CBD in non-legalized states in the US. If you show up positive, it will still be able to be fought against as a false positive.

Hey guys so I decided to buy CBD oil at the gas station since I can’t smoke and the last time I did that the container said 0% THC but they were out of that kind and I forgot to check the new bottle until after I took 5 drops of it and noticed on the back it said “contains no more than 0.3% THC so now I’m freaking out. My probation meeting is this Friday morning and I don’t know if I’ll get tested or not. Is it likely to cause me to fail? Anybody with experience taking CBD on probation?

I recently failed a DOT drug screen for THC, I don’t smoke marijuana but I do use a Hemp Based CBD Oil. I was in school to get my CDL License (which I paid $3000 out of pocket) but now that is on hold until I complete the SAP program (substance abuse classes, another $1000 out of pocket and ironically the lady who gave me the initial assessment is taking the same exact product). I was assured by the place I bought it that it has no THC and I would pass a drug screen and the product says no THC but am now seeing many articles that Hemp based CBD’s are causing many people to fail drug screens. I spoke to the DOT in Washington DC and they said that using CBD oils is not a valid medical excuse. I also questioned the lab and the SAP coordinator and both said that this is happening more frequently. I am looking to see if I have any legal way to fight this and get it off my record? It is very frustrating since before this I was being bombarded with job offers and now no one will hire me for at least 3yrs after finishing the SAP program due to the Trucking companies insurance regulations. I am being treated like a criminal by companies who have programs to hire felons who some have actually sold drugs. HELP!