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cbd oil den haag

Felix Farma is a GMP manufacturer of medicinal cannabis oil for clinical research. Felix Farma is a specialist in the formulation of cannabis based products with an in house Research and Development , Production and Quality Control department. Felix Farma is established in 2020 from the Transvaal Pharmacy.

In 2014 the Transvaal Pharmacy in The Netherlands started with the production of medicinal cannabis oil as compounding farmaceutical for the patients in The Netherlands from cannabis plant provided by the The Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC). The OMC is the government office which is responsible for the production of cannabis as active pharmaceutical ingredient for medical and scientific purposes. The cannabis is produced by GMP contract manufacturer Bedrcocan.

Clinical research with the cannabis oil of the Transvaal Pharmacy is provided by Felix Farma. Felix Farma uses the same facility and employees as the Transvaal Pharmacy.

Under these same names, it is not allowed to sell in (online) stores, but only on prescription.

Are you going to use cannabis oil for the first time? Then use the application form.

The Transvaal Pharmacy in The Hague has been preparing magistral cannabis oil extract (= weed oil) from the medicinal cannabis plant Bediol, Bedica, Bedrocan and Bedrolite since May 2015 (See BMC);

The Transvaal Pharmacy The Hague – one of the few suppliers that delivers Cannabis Oil – CBD Oil – THC Oil – Cannabis oil legally on prescription.

Note: You must not drive while using THC oil. This does not apply to products in which only CBD is present.

Cannabis Coffee Shops by City:

Coffee shops near the borders with Belguim and Germany do not aloud tourists. You have to be a dutch citizen or you have to work in the Netherlands to get in and buy your cannabis.

Clic on the pic of your favorite coffeeshop and please leave us your comments!

All Coffeeshops or Cannabis Café’s in the Hague are open for tourists. Only your identitycard is asked to verify your age. No weedpass needed. Pricing a bit cheaper then the Amsterdam Coffeeshops. Allready visit one of these coffeeshops in Den-Haag? Please leave comments about strains and pricing, thanks!

So if you temporarely work or study, get a proof at the city counsel and ask for a GBA-Uitreksel.