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If you live in China, you can shop for various CBD cosmetics and wellness products, including serums, sunscreen, and creams. You need to be very careful what you order — only CBD cosmetics made from hemp extracts (not isolated THC), and products with less than 0.3% THC are permitted in China. These products need to be from Chinese sources (you can’t order hemp products from overseas yet).

We mentioned before that once the government allows a broader range of CBD products and their import, you’ll be able to shop for CBD in foreign countries.

Marijuana, on the other hand, produces THC in concentrations that can get users high.

1. Shop Only From Reputable Brands

2021 is expected to become the year of legal changes and new CBD products on the shelves for Chinese customers. However, the old laws still apply to CBD in China, and you shouldn’t buy any CBD product that’s not allowed.

When shopping for CBD — especially in a market with strict rules and limited options — it’s important to differentiate between top-notch products and products of low quality.

We’ll clarify how mail forwarding works once we share some tips on how to buy CBD products in China — these will help you understand what makes CBD a high-quality product, and how to find them on the crammed market.

Currently, we don’t know what CBD brands will operate in China in 2021, but Yooya — an e-commerce marketing platform — will soon introduce brands that sell CBD products. Its focus will be companies that produce and sell CBD-infused beauty and wellness products.

“China NMPA will issue transitional measures granting a deadline for their sales. However, retailers are encouraged to pull CBD cosmetics off the shelves,” ​said Hedy He, regulatory analyst, Chemlinked.

According to NMPA, there were only 18 CBD cosmetics filed before 2019. This increased to 413 and 1783 in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Among the 24 newly prohibited ingredients were cannabidiol (CBD), cannabis sativa fruit, cannabis sativa seed oil and cannabis sativa leaf extract. This formalises a draft proposed in March​ to ban cannabis-based cosmetics in China.

End of the road?

In the past three years, more and more beauty products with cannabis ingredients like CBD have emerged in China.

This crackdown on cannabis cosmetics deals a huge blow to the emerging market for CBD beauty.

While cosmetics with cannabis that have been produced or imported before May 28, 2021, can continue to be sold in China for now, retailers are recommended to take them off shelves.

He told CosmeticsDesign-Asia​ that this increase also resulted in growing distrust of CBD cosmetics among the authorities.

13. Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

6. Coober Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Novel Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of a disposable vape pen, vape cartridge, vape pod, vape battery, and many more. They have 5 designers, 7 engineers, 9 QC workers, and 150 workers. They are importing their products to its main markets like Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and North America.

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10. Shenzhen Yixin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Banana Times Technology Co., Ltd is a leading CBD cartridge, disposable vape pen, oil filling machine manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in China. They have been manufacturing and exporting these products for 9 years.

SHENZHEN QBD TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of CBD vape hardware. They are an ISO9001 factory and certified to develop batteries, cartridges, disposable vape pens, and pods.

Yunnan Menghuang Trade Co., Ltd has over 6 years of experience in the R&D, marketing, and manufacture of beard oil, essential oil, beard wax, hemp oil beard balm, tooth powder, beard soap, beard wash, and many more. They have exported their products throughout the world.