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cbd oil cartridge filling machine

Vape cartridges, vape pens and vape pods are more popular than ever from CBD oils, THC oil distillate concentrate (the thicker the better) and traditional vape juice. Our vape cartridge filling machines keep up with the demand and offer an industry-leading accurate shot size with nearly zero waste. Our cart filling machines are all designed and manufactured by us in Tustin, California. Our cartridge fillers are accurate, shot after shot and actually work. Our vape cartridge filler machines can handle all viscosities of oils from olive oil to glycerine to honey (1500 model only) without damaging terps and terpenes. This filler machine is the best for all cartridges including disposable 510 threaded cartridges, Pax Pods, or CCell. The HotShot series of semi-automatic oil filling machines have a consistent heating element along with the shortest travel path for the oil keeping your batch as consistent as possible. The HotShot 1500 oil filling machine can fill high-viscosity oils. The HotShot 750 cart filling machine is made for low-viscosity oils and CBD vape e-juice and Delta-8 concentrates. If you purchased our legacy 1st generation machine and need replacement parts you can find A-10 Filler replacement parts here.

If you’re in need of top-quality CBD oil or vape cartridge filling machines, you’ll find plenty of filling systems designed to last. You won’t find better CBD oil bottling machines or fillers on the market, with plenty of options to give you what you need for any vape or CBD oil products. Browse our complete selection of CBD oil fillers and find the right machine for you. If you’re unsure of which type of filler is appropriate for your application, simply contact us for a free consultation. We’ll help you find exactly what you need for your production line.

In addition to a variety of CBD oil and vape cartridge filling machines, we also carry a selection of other products for CBD oil products, such as cappers, cleaners, and labelers, along with replacement parts to help keep all equipment running optimally. You won’t find better CBD oil or vape fillers or other equipment when you turn to E-PAK Machinery, Inc.

Types of Oil Filler and Vape Cartridge Filling Machines We Manufacture

There are several different CBD oil fillers that we manufacture based on your specific needs. These products include:

What sets our CBD oil and Vape cartridge fillers apart from others is our dedication to quality. We design all of our products with high-quality materials that make our equipment some of the most reliable. We also provide additional services to help you get the most from your purchase, including installation, line integration, line optimization, and reverse engineering. Regardless of what you need for your production line, we have it here at E-PAK Machinery.

To refill vape cartridges, you can either use a cartridge filling machine or a dab syringe with a tip attachment. Cartridge filling machines are by far the most efficient method for mass cartridge refilling, but dab syringes are the perfect option for refilling just a handful of vape carts.

The awesome thing about both of our distillate cartridge filling machine options (semi automatic and automatic) is that they’re compatible with all kinds of vape cartridges. So, whichever technology style your brand uses or is looking into, our two Thompson Duke cart filler machine styles can act as an AVD Liberty, or CCELL cartridge filling machine.

Before you go, we want to let you know that in addition to cartridge filling machines, we also carry several pre rolled cone filling machines. Pre rolls offer a similar level of convenience and efficiency to the recreational use crowd as vape pens – there’s no muss, no fuss, just a quick spark and smoke. If you’re looking to ramp up your pre roll production in addition to your vape cart production, we highly recommend looking into a cone filling machine – some of them can fill hundreds of joints in matter of moments.

How to Refill a Vape

You can refill most dab cartridges types between 2 and 6 times, but beyond that, it isn’t recommended to continue refilling them. After a while, concentrate buildup will begin to detriment the functionality of the cartridge, causing waste, burning extract, and an overall no good puffing experience.

The best cartridge filling equipment, including the best automatic cartridge refill machine for sale, is right here at Marijuana Packaging. If you’re considering a distillate cartridge filling machine, you’ve likely figured out that quality ones don’t exactly come cheap – as we’ve mentioned a few times, vape cartridge filler machines are no doubt an investment. But when you shop with us, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best prices on the very best vape oil cartridge filling machine brand in cannabis packaging.

When you bring a pen cartridge filling machine into your operation, production multiplies by the thousands every single day. If one of your goals has been to increase your vape cart production, whether because of demand or to break further into the market, a vape cartridge filling machine can help you achieve that. The more you produce, the more available on cannabis dispensary shelves, the more your brand name circulates in the cannabis community.

A vape cartridge filling machine is designed to efficiently fill hundreds or thousands of vape cartridges in a matter of hours. With the right cartridge filling kit, your company can begin producing an unbelievably high number of vape carts on a daily basis. But there are two kinds of cart filler machines – the automatic cartridge filler and the semi-automatic cartridge filler – and both have their advantages.