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CBD has a calming sedative effect on dogs with cancer. CBD is known for its healing effects, so soothing an anxious mind, minimizing the physical manifestations of stress, and calming an otherwise antsy dog are three examples of CBD’s effects at play. CBD does an excellent job of providing dogs with peace and tranquility during situations that would typically elicit the polar opposite emotional responses.

Our products are manufactured in the U.S., but we trust our friends in Belgium with the hemp carrier oil that goes into Innovet CBD. Everything about our pet CBD for dogs is legal in the U.S. so that you can place your orders online without any hesitation! Did we mention our CBD is entirely natural?

Mast cell tumors are made up of cancer cells formed by abnormally produced blood cells. These tumors also happen to be the most common form of canine cancer. When the cells become deformed or otherwise transformed from their normal state, they mass produce and become malignant. These tumors are very opposed to treatment, mainly because they grow back very quickly. Not only that, but they have a high propensity for metastasizing as well, so the earlier the tumors are detected in dogs, the better!

Mast Cell Tumors

Our full spectrum CBD oil for dogs is organic, hemp-based cannabidiol oil, which we source from the U.S. states of Colorado and Oregon. We create our CBD with your dogs in mind, meaning it’s 100% safe for your canine companions to consume. As a full-spectrum CBD product, the entourage effect ensures that your dog is getting the most out of every drop of oil from Innovet Pet.

Our CBD oil comes in full spectrum and broad spectrum. Our broad spectrum CBD oil is great for the biggest of dogs who require large dosages of CBD to see the improvements in health they need.

A prescription is not necessary for purchasing pet CBD oils. Buying this for canines with cancer has never been easier thanks to online companies like Innovet. Now, pet owners can buy CBD more efficiently than ever before. As pet owners, all you need to do is visit the Innovet website, select the products you think will benefit your dog, and complete your purchase!

Known more formally as cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabis-derived liquid that offers a myriad of health benefits for dogs with cancer. When cancer strikes, dogs are left to battle very draining side effects. It can become strenuous to fight cancer daily, but CBD can help make the journey a bit more comfortable.

Keep in mind that some of these symptoms are also common in dogs with anxiety problems , or simply characteristics of dogs who are getting older.

Some warning signs of cancer in dogs are:

Diagnosing and Treating Your Dog

If your dog shows any of these cancer warning signs, contact your vet immediately.

Despite growing popularity, CBD still suffers fromsomething of an identity crisis, with some people still people failingto make the distinction between CBD and marijuana. While it’s true thatCBD and marijuana do come from the same plant, the chemical makeup ofthe Cannabis Sativa plant means that the plants harvested for CBD andmarijuana have different properties. To produce CBD oil, a higher CBD concentration of CBD and minimal levels of THC are required, leading producers to favor the hemp plant.

For dogs with cancer , some studies have suggested that CBD can even lead to a process called cancer apoptosis , which is essentially the death of the cancer cells. It’s worth noting that CBD as a complete treatment method for cancer has not been proven and the research is in its very early days.

In the beginning, scientists concentrated their efforts on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive cannabinoid most abundant in recreational cannabis. Early breakthroughs found that THC caused cancer cell death and tumor size reduction in patients with glioblastoma , a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer.

It’s important to remember that preclinical studies are no definitive proof of anything in science or medicine. Quite often something that kills cancer cells in a petri dish, fails to do so in animal models. However, when it comes to CBD oil for dogs with cancer, these studies give some validity to the experiences of thousands of pet parents and their furry family members around the world who’ve found CBD and cannabis has helped heal their cancer.

CBD and Cancer

Initially CBD was largely ignored, possibly because researchers assumed the lack of any intoxicating effect meant it was largely inactive. Thankfully, these days CBD is most definitely considered a cannabinoid with anticancer potential, once again based on a raft of preclinical studies.

The researchers were also curious to observe any differences in efficacy between pure CBD, CBDA and a full spectrum CBD oil.

When they compared the full spectrum CBD oil (containing tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabinol (CBN), plus a cocktail of terpenes) with pure CBD, they found lower amounts of the full spectrum product were needed to achieve the same cancer killing effect as CBD alone.