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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a schedule 4 prescription medicine that any GP, local doctor or specialist can prescribe.

The state government releases information on amnesty for medicinal cannabis.

The price of CBD oil drops dramatically due to an abundant supply and a competitive market in NSW.

The history and future of CBD in QLD

You can learn more about accessing CBD oil via the Queensland government website here.

2021: CBD oil becomes legal over the counter in small doses for Australians living in Queensland. You can buy small dose amounts of CBD oil at pharmacies for a more competitive and affordable price than what was previously available with a doctor’s prescription.

CBD oil is legally available over-the-counter at pharmacies in Brisbane & The Gold Coast – no prescription required! Doctors in Brisbane and the Gold Coast can give you CBD oil to treat epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s and more. You can legally buy CBD oil at pharmacies in QLD with a prescription from your GP, Specialist or General Doctor.

CBD oil starts becoming a regular medicine to improve on peoples health. Similar to fish oil or vitamins.

Here a few symptoms that can be aided:

For patients in rural areas, accessing the medicinal cannabis will be through your doctor or specialist. Using a telehealth service, you may be able to access specialist consultations. But generally, your doctor will prescribe medicinal cannabis in consultation with a specialist. Your doctor arranges for a pharmacy to be your dispensary unit but if there isn’t one available in your area, your doctor assumes this row.

Medical cannabis is not on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in Queensland, so if patients need to purchase it, they would need to personally pay the costs up front with no current reimbursement scheme. The price is dependent on the following factors;

Condition Requirements

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In Queensland there are no laws to limit the conditions or symptoms that are eligible for the application of the drug by your doctor. There is no right or wrong condition for the use of medicinal cannabis, but a doctor requires solid evidence that it can be used to aid.

If after proper assessment, your doctor is certain the use of the cannabis would be effective and not harmful in treating your condition, then the Department of Queensland Health can be contacted to apply for your approval to prescribe.

Two things you should NOT do when considering using medicinal cannabis as treatment are:

After Grace was diagnosed with cancer, she turned to medicinal cannabis. But getting it legally was a challenge, so she’s sticking with the black market — and experts say her experience is common.

As of 2015 CBD oil is legal in Australia, as long as it contains at least 98% cannabidiol and 2% or less of other cannabinoids found in cannabis. When compared to a lot of other countries, like the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, we’re quite behind.

“CBD is obviously pretty important. Its anti-inflammatory capacity and its ability to protect the brain is evident in almost every study that you pick up.”

'Green Light': New doco reveals story of two Aussies breaking the law to supply medicinal cannabis

On top of that, your average over the counter product that’ll be available here will have relatively low concentrations of CBD. So, if you’re getting an oil that has maybe 30 milligrams per mil, your average daily dose is probably less than 100 milligrams of CBD. However, clinical trials and research suggest that effective doses for things like anxiety and psychosis tend to be a lot higher, they tend to be up around 500-1000 milligrams, which causes Dr Iain beg the question: “Even if we get the over the counter products available in Australia, will they actually be any good?”

“The hype is almost certainly wrong. The idea that it’s just a placebo is almost certainly wrong, as well. So the truth is somewhere in between. What we have to do as scientists is work out what that truth actually is.”

Especially when it comes to younger brains and an increasingly casual use of cannabis products, Dr Katrina advises: “Just remember cannabidiol is a medicine.”

“What is concerning. as CBD becomes more available companies will inevitably jump on board to try and make a dollar out of it. This is the hype that I’m concerned about,” she says.