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Any vaping or topical cream products will still only be available through a prescription from a doctor.

As mentioned above, only adults will be able to purchase cannabidiol over-the-counter without a referral. It will only be available at pharmacies.

While pharmacies are now allowed to sell it over-the-counter, don’t expect to find any in your local for at least six months, as no CBD oils have been given the green light for sale yet.

Manufacturers are working at a “lightning” rate to get products approved, former president of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Kos Sclavos, said.

I'm really keen to try CBD oil for depression/anxiety, but I'm having some trouble finding a source in Australia.

Does anyone know of a reputable local source, or does anyone have experience importing it from overseas and getting it through customs?

I'm not necessarily concerned about obtaining it legally, particularly if I can't find any legal sources. Because laws which restrict the accessibility of therapeutic substances (CBD, psylocibin etc) are bullshit. But I'd like some feedback from someone with experience before I go down that route.