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cbd oil appetite suppressant

Steady weight loss requires you to return your body to a healthy balance between the digestive, immune, and nervous system — and the ECS is a bridge between them all.

Here’s what Alicia Salazar, a New York state board-certified health coach, said about using CBD for weight loss:

1. Suppresses Appetite

According to recent research, there’s great promise in developing potential cannabinoid-based treatments for obesity and diabetes.

A 2016 lab study investigated the impact of CBD on the metabolic function of fat cell cultures. The study recorded a significant improvement in mitochondrial function with the administration of CBD.

This leaves a lot of room for inferior CBD products on the market — some of which can be dangerous to your health.

Ultimately, I felt nothing at all. I tried doubling the dose, as others have suggested, and still nothing. I also didn’t notice any euphoria or increased focus, which I do experience with CBG products. I used about a third of a bottle over a couple of weeks, trying anywhere from half doses to larger ones, and combining it with other herbal tinctures. Yet, I never felt anything at all.

It’s important to note there is also a Delta Eight THCV in existence, which does not have these same health claims. Currently, when THCV is referenced here or elsewhere it’s in relation to Delta Nine, not Delta Eight THCV.

I find it harmful for cannabis companies to be highlighting appetite suppression as a selling point feature of THCV. Since it’s well proven to relieve pain and inflammation, it isn’t as if they have nothing else to stake a claim about. Diseases stemming from chronic inflammation are the world’s most significant causes of death.

My Experience With THCV

Where once cannabis seemed like a simple plant, in recent years it’s become an ongoing science project full of acronyms and health promises. CBD couldn’t be more famous, CBG is catching up to it in popularity, and CBN is just entering the race. So, of course, it’s high time (pun intended) for a new rare cannabinoid to enter our cumulative consciousness.

Though it isn’t marketed as an anti-inflammatory, THCV has been proven to function in that capacity, including reducing pain stemming from inflammation. It’s also been shown to be neuroprotective and potentially useful for symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, with one study stating “Given its antioxidant properties and its ability to activate CB2 but to block CB1 receptors, Δ9‐THCV has a promising pharmacological profile for delaying disease progression in PD and also for ameliorating parkinsonian symptoms.”

Relationships with food are rarely easy or simple. My own relationship with eating has been complex (but is in a great place these days). I was hesitant to try this product for that reason, worried that I’d embrace the feeling of not being hungry.

While the euphoria and focus THCV products claim to promote are unproven, according to science, the appetite suppression is real. However, should the cannabis industry be getting in bed with diet culture? Why do we need to complicate humanity’s already very complex relationship with the size of our bodies with low-stakes recreational drugs?

The only way to stop this problem is by taking in less energy and burning more (less energy in and more energy out).

These effects are also extremely valuable for those with obesity, as it helps to stabilize insulin levels, and starts the process of curbing weight back down to healthy levels.

Best CBD Oil For Weight Loss

CBD is an excellent tool for achieving this.

In the modern world, this has started to work against us.

However, with obese people, there is a problem: they take a lot of energy in, but don’t put a lot of energy out. This allows things like sugar and fats to build up in the bloodstream, which is very dangerous.