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cbd oil and hormones

Aside from reducing our exposure to toxicity, we can look for ways to support healthy hormones through the foods, herbs and exercise we engage with.

We need insulin to tell our cells when to take in sugar from the bloodstream. Healthy insulin levels mean we use sugar effectively in our muscles and liver, and don’t store too much in fat tissue.

How does CBD affect hormones?

Unfortunately the only study in humans looking at insulin levels with CBD used a low dose, which did not affect insulin levels in the diabetic patients. However, CBD did increase the levels of another hormone gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) which controls the release on insulin, hinting at a possible effect on insulin with higher doses (13) .

This is potential evidence of an adaptogenic effect of (endo)cannabinoids, helping to balance individuals to their own needs. CBD may help endocannabinoids support individual balance.

A few benefits of increased growth hormone output are:

Previous findings at various laboratories indicated that cannabinoids distribute to sexual behavior centers in the brain, and endocrine aberrations have consistently been observed in animals treated with cannabis constituents. Subacute and chronic studies were performed to monitor hormone changes in rats and monkeys exposed to marihuana smoke or pure cannabinoids. In oral studies, young Fischer rats of both sexes were given delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9-THC) doses of 2, 10, or 50 mg/kg for 14–180 d and pregnant rats received 1, 5 or 10 mg/kg during gestation and lactation. Other male rats were exposed to marihuana smoke at delta 9-THC doses of 2 or 4 mg/kg for 14 d. Rhesus monkeys of either sex were given oral cannabidiol doses of 30, 100, and 300 mg/kg for 90 d. Serum pituitary, steroid, and thyroid hormone levels were determined by radioimmunoassay. Marihuana smoke (and oral delta 9-THC) depressed testosterone 20–30% and triiodothyronine 17–29%. In pregnant rats, small doses of delta 9-THC suppressed luteinizing hormone, but larger doses elevated both follicle-stimulating hormone and estrogens (approximately 50–100%) without affecting progesterone levels. Prolonged oral administration of delta 9-THC to young rats tended to increase gonadotropins, to which tolerance developed in males. Cannabidiol-treated monkeys responded with slight elevations in luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone in males, whereas steroid hormones were essentially unchanged for both sexes. Hormone imbalance may explain cannabinoid-induced embryotoxicity and impaired gonadal function.

The endocrine and endocannabinoid systems are both chemical messenger systems responsible for maintaining homeostasis or whole-body balance. Preliminary studies suggest that CBD administration may lead to attenuated levels of the stress hormone cortisol and improved insulin production. CBD has also been linked to modulating serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin.

1. Shake well before use.

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Repeat 2x daily.

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