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CBD for Nightmares – Miriam’s CBD Testimonial In 2018 I heard about CBD for the first time, but at the time I lived in New Zealand, where pure CBD oil is illegal. I wanted to try it and when I was back in Germany in 2019, I ordered the 500mg CBD oil right away. Since the […]

The anti-inflammatory effect of cannabidiol has now been thoroughly investigated. This property makes CBD products particularly valuable for patients suffering from a disease associated with inflammation. CBD for Crohn’s disease – Sandra’s CBD Testimonial Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After severe relapses, I had to take cortisone drugs and additionally I […]

The active substance cannabidiol is said to have neuroprotective properties. CBD is therefore often used for epilepsy, tremor and Alzheimer’s disease. It reduces damage to the brain and nervous system and promotes the formation of new neurons. CBD for vision impairment due to multiple sclerosis Sabine’s testimonials My last relapse with MS suddenly resulted in […]

CBD for Pets – Testimonials & Reviews From Pet Owners

My name is May and I’m 41 years old. I’ve been sick all my life due to severe PTSD and fought hard to keep my head above water. I suffered from severe depression, anxiety, confusion, body pain, etc. on and off my entire life. I’ve tried just about everything, from various methods of therapy, antidepressants, […]

What is the Equity First Initiative? The Equity First Initiative is an organisation whose mission surrounds transformative justice and healing communities impacted by the War on Drugs. They advocate for equity, justice, and repair in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, they coordinate between organizations working on those issues across the U.S. They achieve their goal by […]

Many of the properties associated with CBD have an impact on mental health. These include mental and physical relaxation, neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore cannabidiol is used in anxiety patients and people suffering from depression or PTSD. CBD for panic attacks – Nadine’s CBD testimonial I’ve been suffering from an anxiety disorder for almost four […]

The CBD story of Giusy I am suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy with absences, essential tremor (the cause is not yet defined!?) and paresthesia in my hands. (this is a consequence of epilepsy). I started with a lower percentage of CBD oil of Nordic Oil (since it was the first time I have ever used CBD) […]

I recently had some bathroom issues that ended in a torn and tender butt. I rubbed some oil in the area and it really helped bring the inflammation down. I enjoy Rosebud CBD oil because it relieves my anxiety, calms me down, helps me sleep, and helps me focus, But I was ULTRA excited that it helped my bathroom issues. It also made my period cramps 10x less painful.

I also appreciate that I didn’t notice the affects of the CBD oil, which makes me feel like I’m still myself, only now able to manage my daily life more effectively.

I purchased my first bottle of Rosebud CBD oil and received it last week. I purchased it for generalized anxiety. I didn’t really notice a difference for the first few days, UNTIL I decided not to take it on Sunday, thinking it’s the weekend, I don’t need to manage my stress on a Sunday. Holy smokes was I wrong. I didn’t realize the daily anxiousness (heart pounding, digestive issues, general feeling of being on-edge) I have been dealing with until now.



I’ve really been wanting to reach out and thank you for bringing this product into my life. Without social media I would have never seen a post from you about Rosebud CBD oil and would have never been able to take a chance on it. I can honestly say it was the chance that I needed to take. Since starting Rosebud CBD oil I feel so much better mentally and physically. I’ve gotten myself back and it’s a great feeling! My anxiety has decreased significantly and I feel so much calmer! Typically when baseball season starts and I know my husband is about to leave I’m full of nervous/anxious energy, but year it’s different. I’m sad, but I feel way less stressed about it. I can step back and look at it in a different way, this is our adventure for the year. My mind isn’t racing through emotions. Physically I’ve noticed quite a difference in my fitness. I love doing crossfit but I was starting to become burnt out on it and not enjoying it like I had previously. I wasn’t moving up on my weights and just felt sluggish. Since I added in Rosebud CBD oil my energy is back and I’m excelling again. I’ve been feeling like my old self, moving up in weights and moving quickly through my WOD. All in all I cannot thank you enough for putting yourself out there with a product that you believe in because in turn it’s given me the opportunity to try something that I never would have before. Rosebud CBD oil has changed my life for the better!

I used Rosebud oil this AM and felt allllll of my stress melt away. I was relaxed and in control of my mind. Usually, my mind is in control of me. I can’t wait to continue using it day in and day out for improved mental health results.

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that Rosebud CBD oil is amazing. It’s definitely a different feeling than smoking but I love it. I had been vomiting every morning for the last 4-5 months and I couldn’t get any relief unless I smoked. I have used this as soon as I wake up and the nausea goes away. Thank you so much for making this product available I definitely will be purchasing it again. Nothing like a peace of mind.

This anonymous user on Hemp Oil Benefits praises CBD oil with helping to reduce her pain, remedy her anxiety, and help PTSD. “I was T-boned in a car accident and suffered 2 herniated disks and then got an unrelated case of Diverticulitis with a bowel perforation. I was hospitalized for 5 days on IV antibiotics and morphine. After being released I was still miserable and in pain and healing very slow, even getting a 2nd minor diverticulitis infection. I was extremely fatigued and losing hope that I would ever fully heal. My mom gifted me with CBD oil and not even expecting it to work or thinking about it within 30 minutes to an hour all pain, especially digestive pain was gone. After 2 days of taking it I was pain free, energy back and feeling like myself again. Even on the morphine I was never 100 % pain free. This has truly been a lifesaver for me. I\’ve been doing my research on brands and strengths and now take it sublingual every day. I tell and educate everyone I know about it now. Everyone is different but this saved me and hopefully you don\’t have to suffer anymore either. The added surprise effect for me was a drastic reduction in anxiety and PTSD too. Start slow and increase your dose until you find the right strength for your condition.”

Because of the stigma surrounding the use of marijuana, many people have been hesitant to try CBD oil. Fortunately, resistance to the herb is lessening. And, as testimonials and anecdotes surface, a growing number of people are choosing to invest in their health in a holistic way… and are experiencing immense benefits as a result.

To inspire more people to consider CBD oil, we’ve compiled a list of 7 compelling testimonials.

6) Dorthy’s Psoriasis Cleared Up in Just 4 Days!

Have you heard of a “miracle” remedy called CBD oil? If so, you’re on the track to discovering a medicinal component of the cannabis plant which has been proven to benefit conditions ranging from cancer and Alzheimer’s to skin conditions and arthritis.

A well-known (and very controversial) testimonial involves Stephanie LaRue. When she was just 30-years-old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did undergo chemotherapy but after some time, decided to opt for an alternative approach. That’s when she discovered Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil. Not long after supplementing with the hemp oil, she went into remission. Stephanie has been cancer-free for over nine years now.

I am 65 and have suffered from pain associated with a cranky hip that my ortho says should be replaced within the next 12 months. I was taking Aleve daily to manage the chronic ache with little relief. My doctor suggested trying CBD. I have used for 2 months- I started taking 4 drops of 1500mg oil twice a day. After two weeks, I increased to 7 drops twice a day and the results have been awesome. While the pain from incorrect movement still causes sharp pain, the ongoing ache is essentially gone. I haven\’t taken an Aleve in 5 weeks, and have been able to resume daily training that includes a 2 mile walk, weight training and exercises suggested by my physical therapist. Also back to 54 holes of golf weekly. I’m not sure how long I will feel this good, but it’s a welcome relief at this time. I’m sold!”

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