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If you want to fight the afternoon slump, take the oil at lunchtime. It is advised to take CBD oil two hours before or after any medication you may be taking to allow both to have an equal effect on your body and not interfere with one other.

All people are different and age also is a factor. We are always at risk of taking too many supplements or even too little of a certain vitamin. It can be hard to tell so don’t get too worried about it. Look at your diet and start from there…

Product Specifications

Regular CBD users can carry their oil with them and ensure the effectiveness is brought to work, abroad (country dependent) and to leisure activities. Other brands offer 30ml bottles only which I find too large especially for those who only wish to try out the effectiveness of CBD.

It is important to note that this product should be properly stored away from children and the dose managed and supervised by an adult. You will be happy to hear that Dr Hemp Me’s CBD Gummies contain no THC, not even trace amounts. That and the fact that this product contains only natural flavours and no artificial colours. They are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and are also gluten-free!

Are you looking to give CBD oil or any other related CBD products a try? Are you unsure where to start? The choice on the market for CBD products can be overwhelming for those new to this space. A great option for any newbies is to get your hands on a CBD bundle or CBD pack of products so that you can try more than one and figure out what suits you.

Purity and Authenticity

There are many CBD and hempseed products available on the market that are not equally good and fail to deliver that quality they promise. At, we know it can be confusing and hard to find the right product.

Oils in our offer are raw, unheated and unrefined, which means all minerals; vitamins and omegas are left unattached so you can get the results you are seeking.

Trusted & Safe Brands Only

You can be sure that we offer safe and authentic goods from well known, trusted and certified brands that follow strict guidelines for quality.