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It’s important to know that extensive research with CBC is not currently available. While appearing to be safe and well-tolerated, there is not large scale testing that would definitively suggest one way or the other. While our initial studies suggest that CBC may be a great cannabinoid for improving mood, the use of this product is experimental on your part.

Our broad spectrum CBC oil tincture comes in 3 concentrations of cannabichromene, a broad spectrum blend of CBD, CBN, CBG, & CBDv, and a custom terpene blend for maximum entourage effects.

Is CBC Oil right for me?

Measure desired amount of CBC oil tincture using metered dropper and use it as desired. Must be at least 18 years of age or the legal age of use in your state or territory. Consult a doctor before use.

Due to the lack of scientific studies with CBC, we do not suggest using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, under 18, in poor physical health, or taking any other medications. We suggest working with a cannabis-licensed doctor when using this product.

Cannabichromene Oil, or CBC Oil, is a cannabinoid with few formal scientific studies on it. While internal studies show particular promise with elevating mood, these are not enough to be considered definitive. Paired with a broad-spectrum blend of other cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBDv, and CBN) it is still a very well rounded cannabinoid blend.

As mentioned above, it’s hard to make any solid claims about the health benefits of CBC. We know that the compound has unique effects and that the ECS is a vital cog in our all-around health. But without the studies, it’s ultimately speculation. And remember, always contact a medical professional for health advice – we aren’t doctors, this content is for educational purposes only!

Due to the overall lack of research on CBC, little is known about its side effects. However, general cannabinoid science suggests non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBC are low risk, with minimal abuse and addictive potential. Therefore, it’s unlikely that CBC comes with any nasty side effects – and if it did, we would probably have heard about them by now.

CBC Oil for Pain

Research indicates that endocannabinoids are present in the pregnancy and breastfeeding processes. Since CBC may affect the natural levels of endocannabinoids in the body, it’s feasible that CBC could interfere here. But again, the dangers of CBC seem relatively low here, in comparison with THC.

A 2013 paper documented how CBC raised the viability of adult neural stem progenitor cells. In other words, CBC helps to promote neurogenesis. Unfortunately, this research doesn’t appear to have been built upon over the past few years. However, the current evidence indicates that non-intoxicating cannabinoids help protect the brain.

HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines have always been controversial because of the severity of their side effects. However, a study was done by Israeli researchers that the severity of the side effects of HPV vaccines can be reduced through using hemp-derived CBD oil.

This cartridge provides the best of both worlds. CBC is a minor cannabinoid said to possess therapeutic benefits for pain and inflammation. When combined with delta 8 THC, it can provide psychoactive effects and elevate your mood. Each 700 mg cartridge is formulated with 14% CBC, over 50% Δ8 and various terpenes.

From first-hand accounts online and from our own experiences, the effects from CBC oils, concentrates, and other products range from neutral to euphoria, relaxation to a slight haze. Some CBC oils are just the CBC cannabinoid and others often have delta 8 included, which account for the varied effects reported. The health benefits of CBC oil are similar to CBD oil and broadly relate to pain, though not ending there. Your results will vary based on product formulation and dosage. If you want to judge CBC on its own, look for oils as isolates or distillates.

CBC Distillate

CBC oil is not the same thing as CBD oil. Even Google will give you the wrong results, thinking you meant CBD. CBC or cannabichromene is a minor cannabinoid in cannabis, meaning that it is found in lower concentrations than the major cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

The Arete Limitless tincture offers cannabis users an easy and convenient way to consume CBC and delta 8 THC. Just place a few drops under the tongue. Limitless has a subtle strawberry flavor, with a total of 1700 total cannabinoids: 500 mg of CBC (cannabichromene) alongside 1200 mg of delta 8. Total volume is 30 mL.

CBC has also demonstrated a significant ability to act as a pain reliever. Research has shown that CBC is able to modulate proteins that are involved in causing pain. One study found that CBC treatment in mice reduced pain by acting on several targets that control the production of pain. Again, while this study doesn’t involve humans, it tells us that CBC may be an effective pain-relieving agent.