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CBD Tea: How to Make the Perfect Cup Can you put CBD oil in tea? Learn if you can safely use CBD oil as an add-on ingredient when making tea, along with its effects. Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is derived from cannabis plants, most often hemp. While it doesn't get you high like THC, CBD oil can help you feel relaxed, might help you sleep, and could provide pain relief. Mixing your CBD oil into caffeinated…

CBD Tea: How to Make the Perfect Cup

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Tea has been the drink of choice for thousands of years as a medical and therapeutic remedy for all sorts of ailments. Some drink the aromatic beverage to ease cold symptoms while others drink it on a daily basis to help them wake up or to ease them into a good night’s sleep.

What if you could make tea time even better by infusing your favorite drink with CBD? CBD tea is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of cannabidiol by drinking a soothing beverage. There are many ways to make CBD tea, including using ready-made tea bags, CBD buds, and by adding CBD oil to tea.

Here’s everything you need to know about making the perfect cup.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids that naturally occur in hemp plants. CBD products have continued to rise in popularity over the last few years, due to the cannabinoids therapeutic benefits. When taken at the correct dose, CBD can:

Ease aches and pains

Minimize stress and anxiety

Support healthier sleep

Ease an upset stomach

This means that a cup of CBD can benefit you in more ways than one. Enjoy the tea in the morning to get focused and ready for the day. Or you can enjoy it at night to keep racing thoughts at bay so that you can get the sound sleep you need.

Unlike other cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. This means it won’t cause you to feel high, euphoric, or mentally altered in any other way. Instead, you’ll just feel calmer and more balanced.

Tips for Preparing CBD Tea

CBD on its own offers all sorts of benefits. But when combined with green, black, hibiscus, or whatever your preferred tea is, the benefits are amplified. CBD tea can be enjoyed both hot or cold, making it the perfect year-round beverage.

Because CBD and other cannabinoids dissolve much better when infused into a fatty source, there are some nuances to be aware of when making CBD tea. Some people add infused butter or coconut oil to their tea to create a fatty base that absorbs the cannabinoids.

Others choose to add CBD oil to already brewed tea. This ensures accurate, efficient dosing so that each cup offers just the experience you want.

When making CBD tea, it’s also important to always use hot water. Heat is needed to activate the beneficial compounds in CBD. However, once brewed, CBD tea can be chilled or served over ice.

Recipe: CBD-Infused Tea

All you need to make your own CBD tea at home is your favorite tea, water, and a CBD tincture that you want to add to your cup.

Loose tea leaves

Bring a cup of water to a boil using a pot or kettle.

Once boiling, remove the water from the heat and add the tea leaves.

Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on the type of tea used.

Add a few drops of CBD tincture.

Stir well and enjoy!

Make your cup of CBD tea even better by adding your own flavors. Honey, cinnamon, and other herbal ingredients make for a flavorful cup of tea that supports your wellbeing from the inside out.

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After enjoying your cup of CBD tea, you’re likely to experience a subtle sensation of feeling relaxed. This doesn’t inhibit normal functioning. Instead, it takes the edge off and enables you to take on the day with focus, balance, and energy.

CBD tea should be enjoyed in moderation. Most people drink two to three cups a day to enjoy the results from morning to night.

Best CBD Tinctures for Making CBD Tea

Before you can craft your perfect cup of CBD tea, you’re going to want to find a CBD oil that will add a touch of flavor. Here are some of the best CBD tinctures that we recommend to add to your tea for a delicious experience.

1. Verma Farms

Verma Farms products are all made with flavors that are inspired by the Hawaiian islands. While the brand is best known for their delicious CBD gummies, they also offer an amazing line of CBD tinctures that taste great. Each bottle is made with premium broad spectrum CBD oil extract that comes from USA grown hemp.

Some of the best flavors to consider adding to your CBD tea include:

If you’re looking to add CBD tea to your nightly routine, check out Verma Farms Sleep Oil. Each bottle is infused with 1000mg of CBD extract, along with melatonin, chamomile, and ginseng to promote healthy, high quality sleep.

2. Penguin

Penguin is another company that makes flavorful CBD oil. Their CBD tinctures are pure and premium, made with the finest Oregon grown hemp, along with other natural ingredients such as hemp oil, MCT oil, terpenes, and natural flavors.

Penguin offers several CBD oil flavors that will go great in CBD tea. Their citrus flavor is bright and mimics the taste of lemons and oranges. The strawberry flavor is another fan favorite if you want to enjoy a sweet, fruity cup of tea. If you prefer something a bit more uplifting and mellow, check out the mint flavor.

Penguin CBD oils are available in several strengths, ranging from 250 mg all the way up to 5,000 mg.

3. Evn CBD

Evn CBD oil is the perfect addition to any cup of tea. It’s formulated to help you meet a pressing deadline, or to help you wind down after a long, stressful day at work. Each bottle of Evn CBD oil is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and is lab tested.

Evn CBD tinctures are made with broad spectrum CBD extract from organically sourced hemp. While the brand only offers two flavors, the Mint flavor is highly recommended. The oil is flavored with peppermint oil and offers a touch of sweetness with stevia.

Bottles are available in 500 mg and 1000 mg strengths.

4. Joy Organics

Joy Organics offers a full line of CBD oil tinctures, all of which are made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients. Each bottle is rigorously tested to ensure efficacy and safety. CBD oil is made using both broad spectrum and full spectrum extract. Customers can choose their preferred extract when ordering.

Aside from using USDA Certified Organic ingredients, Joy Organics also offers some of the best flavors on the market, all of which will work great in a cup of tea. Choose between:

These tinctures are flavored with organic essential oils, including key lime oil, orange oil, lemon oil, and peppermint oil. Each bottle also contains organic stevia for a hint of natural sweetness.

Final Thoughts

CBD tea is the perfect way to start or end your day. But before you can make a palate-pleasing cup, you’ll need to first find CBD oil that creates the ideal flavor profile. Whether you prefer mint, tropical fruit, or citrus flavors, you’re sure to find the right CBD oil to add to your tea.

When buying CBD oil, be mindful of the dosage and the type of extract used. This is especially important if you drink multiple cups throughout the day. Sometimes too much of a good thing can have bad results!

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Can You Put CBD Oil in Tea?

Tea is among the most popular beverages in several countries, especially because you can customize its flavor using various ingredients. In that case, can you put CBD oil in tea? Discover whether you can safely add CBD oil in tea, along with the possible psychological effects and health benefits.

Can You Put CBD Oil in Tea?

Yes, you can safely put CBD oil in tea. It’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate CBD oil in drinks, particularly if you want to control the dosage and potency. Besides, it’s a great way to combine 2 natural ingredients coming from plants.

Soak the goodness of tea while also getting the benefits of CBD oil. To understand more, it’s time to look more into the science of combining tea with CBD oil and how it would affect the body.

How Can CBD Oil Mix With Tea?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the chemical compounds found in a cannabis plant, often extracted in oil form. Since it’s hydrophobic, the oil won’t blend well with water. To mix CBD oil with tea, you’ll need to combine it with fats to increase bioavailability and improve absorption rate.

To do this, you need a fat-soluble ingredient, preferably one that you can typically add to tea. The most ideal would be coconut milk, whole-fat milk, or butter. However, this won’t be as effective as letting the sublingual gland absorb the oil.

Cannabinoids dissolve better when infused into a fatty source, such as how CBD infused coffee beans work. Despite that, you can still directly put drops of CBD oil in a fresh cup of brewed tea, especially if you prefer to have more control over the measurements or you want to save time in preparing tea.

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Take Effect in Tea?

Since you’ll be drinking tea, the cannabinoids would pass through the digestive system instead of the lungs. Thus, the effects may take relatively longer to kick in, although it may range from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your body’s response to certain compounds.

If you combine CBD oil with milk, the fatty acids may increase absorption rates, speeding up the entire process. However, note that there are instances where you won’t be able to get all of the oil because of molecular cohesion, letting the oil cling to the cup’s walls instead.

Furthermore, high temperatures may damage the compounds of CBD oil, weakening its potency and effects. Despite such solubility challenges of CBD oil, the cannabis-infused beverage market expects a $600 million growth by 2022.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Add to Tea?

The ideal dosage may vary from person to person due to body chemistry and medical conditions. However, you can generally start with 1 to 5 milligrams of CBD oil per serving, then work your way upwards as you check for side effects.

Before you add CBD oil to tea, try taking a regular dose of it through your tongue to see how your body would react to CBD. From there, you can follow these considerations when learning how to make CBD tea.

  • Normally, you can stir 2 to 3 drops of CBD oil.
  • If a tea recipe calls for half a cup of olive oil, you can try replacing that with 1/8 cup of CBD oil. Avoid using an equal amount since CBD oil has more powerful side effects.
  • Consider using bioavailable CBD extracts with a minimum amount of dosage, like 3 milligrams, per teabag.
  • If you want to mask the CBD’s taste and scent, you may add sweeteners like honey, cinnamon, or peppermint.
  • Use unflavored oil if you prefer to taste more of the tea.
  • Try to limit the dosage to 25 milligrams per serving.

Why Should I Put CBD Oil in Tea?

Over 159 million Americans drink tea daily, whereas 28% of all CBD users take CBD products daily. If you fall under both demographics, drinking CBD tea is a delicious way to incorporate CBD oil.

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Much like when preparing CBD infused coffee, CBD oil can amplify the benefits of tea while controlling each other’s side effects.

  • If you’re an avid tea drinker, putting a dash of CBD oil gives you a subtle and gradual introduction to cannabidiol.
  • Tea, especially green and white tea, has a lower caffeine content than coffee. However, some people still have a high caffeine sensitivity. Putting CBD oil in tea helps tone down the caffeine effects.
  • Tea is a common beverage for relaxation. Adding the anti-anxiety properties of CBD oil provides a soothing effect to alleviate stress, and consequently, calm the mind and body.
  • Whether it’s an inflammation or a pounding headache, CBD oil can assist in pain management by minimizing pain perception from sprains, muscle cramps, or joint aches.
  • Tea already has soothing flavors and aroma. You can reinforce this with the calming smell and taste of CBD oil. Cannabidiol smells more like mint and vanilla, unlike the earthy and vegetal smell of weed.
  • CBD oil is more of a sedative than a stimulant. However, an increased dosage of it may have energizing effects on some people. So, this is a great way to amp up the dosage without consuming high levels of caffeine.

Related Questions

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Yes, CBD oil is federally legal in the United States. The Farm Bill of 2018 entails that it is legal to get CBD oil coming from industrial hemp.

What Should You Not Mix With CBD Oil?

It’s not advisable to mix CBD with over-the-counter or prescription medications. In general, you may want to avoid using CBD oil if you’re taking antidepressants, antipsychotics, macrolide antibiotics, and heart medications. Also, consider consulting with your physician first.

What’s the Difference Between Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Isolate?

A full-spectrum CBD oil contains a trace amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis plant extracts. On the other hand, CBD isolate is CBD’s pure form.


You can add CBD oil to tea and customize the flavor using various kinds of teas, sweeteners, and other add-ons. Whether you prefer black or citrusy tea, you’ll find that CBD oil goes well with every cup. Make sure to use quality CBD oil to get the most extract.

How to Take CBD Oil in Coffee or Tea

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Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is derived from cannabis plants, most often hemp. While it doesn’t get you high like THC, CBD oil can help you feel relaxed, might help you sleep, and could provide pain relief. Mixing your CBD oil into caffeinated coffee or tea might help counteract the side effect of fatigue. Additionally, drinking your CBD oil in coffee or tea can disguise the taste of the oil. To take CBD oil in coffee or tea, simply mix it into your beverage or buy a coffee or tea that already contains CBD.

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