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bulk cbd oil wholesale

Best Used For:
Vape Products.

Our bulk CBD isolate is 99%+ pure so one gram of CBD isolate will contain more than 990 milligrams of CBD. In other words, for each milligram of powder, you have approximately one milligram of CBD. CBD Isolate makes it easy to measure precise dosages.

Our bulk CBD Distillate is 40-50% potency, so one gram of CBD Distillate will contain 400 to 500 milligrams of CBD. In other words, for each milligram of oil, you have approximately .4 to .5 milligrams of CBD. Profile also contains 15-20% Minor Cannabinoids (CBC, CBG and CBN).

CBD Full Spectrum Distillate 85%+ (Compliant THC)

Our Crystal Resistant CBD Distillate is a unique full spectrum oil with an incredible array of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and CBDV. Our proprietary distillation process removes destabilizing impurities resulting in an ideal product for the vape market. This product is formulated for stability and has no added cutting agents. Our Crystal Resistant CBD Distillate can be introduced directly to a vape cart. If stored in the proper conditions this product should remain stable for up to 3 months.

Our bulk CBD Crude is 65% to 75% potency so one gram of CBD crude will contain 650 to 750 milligrams of CBD. In other words, for each milligram of winterized crude, you have approximately .65 to .75 milligrams of CBD.

Distillate refers to the finished product achieved after distillation and post processing of our crude oil. CBD Distillate is a much purer product than crude. The majority of waxes, lipids and plant material are removed during the distillation processes resulting in an amber colored viscous oil prized by formulators for it’s ease of use. Our Distillate typically ranges in CBD potency from 85%+. During the extraction process we strive to maintain rich levels of CBC, CBN, CBG and CBDV. 85%+ cannabidiol (CBD) in oil form.

Best Used For:
Creams and gels, capsules, topicals, salves, lotion, soap, pet products.

There are many factors involved when choosing a CBD oil provider. Industrial Hemp Farms is a great choice due to our low prices. Much of our hemp and CBD is grown and extracted at our own facilities. Therefore, we can provide incredibly discounted prices to our retail and wholesale customers.

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In addition to bulk CBD oil, we also carry bulk CBG oil tinctures. Recently, CBG has become extremely popular. We carry CBG tinctures in 60ml and 1:1 CBG / CBD tinctures in 30 ml bottles. Reach out to a member of our sales team now to learn more about our bulk CBG oil.

Choose Us a Your CBD Oil Supplier

Full-spectrum CBD oil is extremely popular nowadays. It contains trace elements of THC and is popular for its proposed “entourage effect”. For this reason, many prefer full-spectrum to regular and broad-spectrum CBD oils. To learn more about our wholesale full-spectrum CBD oil for sale, please reach out to us here.

Industrial Hemp Farms has served tens of thousands of customers. We do not agree with the extremely overpriced CBD hemp products in the market today. The truth is CBD is much cheaper than it used to be and there needs to be a market correction. We are here to supply you or your company with the cheapest bulk CBD oil prices available on or offline. If this is something you are interested in, then please reach out to us here.

If you are looking for wholesale pre-bottled CBD oil products, then we can certainly help you. As stated, our price discounts start at as low as 10 bottles. Our CBD oil bottles range from 30 ml – 60 ml and come in a variety of strengths and flavors. Reach out to a member of our sales team to learn more

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Let us manufacture your Hemp CBD products in our GMP certified facilities. Our White Label / Private Label Manufacturing programs are perfect for those brands looking to bring high quality finished products directly to market. Our team of certified professionals will bottle, seal, label, package, and drop ship your bulk and wholesale CBD finished products. We have the FASTEST DELIVERY TIMES – guaranteed!

​Quality Control
All of our wholesale CBD oils, extracts, concentrates, and finished products are manufactured in one of our GMP or ISO certified facilities with the highest quality control measures in the industry.

Anytime finished CBD products are received from manufacturing, we again send the product to two separate state licensed 3 rd party labs to ensure accurate potency, purity, and dosing. Once lab testing is completed, a QR code is then assigned to the product which links the 3 rd party lab results to the customer’s website along with other traceability documents from seed to sale.

​​Extraction & Purification Process
We use the latest distillation extraction technology which allows for high levels of cannabinoids especially CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN, while eliminating unwanted amounts of THC, ​chlorophyll, lipids and fatty acids.

Global Cannabinoids Products Have Been ​Featured In:

While everyone else was cross-breeding strains of cannabis to produce more THC, our genetics team was creating cannabis strains to produce less THC (even to zero), and greater amounts of more non-psychotropic cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN.

Once turned into cannabinoid-rich oil or isolate, each batch is then assigned a unique barcode and certified at two of our state-licensed and certified 3 rd party testing labs, as well as tested in-house on our HPLC or GCMS analytical testing machines before being approved by our cGMP quality control team and placed into our inventory management system. Once in inventory, our CBD oil, CBG oil, CBN oil, and CBC oils are then ready to be formulated, distributed directly to our bulk CBD and wholesale CBD distributors, or shipped out to our world-class GMP/ISO/OTC manufacturing partners to be made into water-soluble nano CBD powders, liquids, or white label CBD finished products.