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best cbd oil amsterdam

Combining the best that nature and science can offer Amsterdam Genetics embodies decades of experience when it comes to the best crops and strains to suit any taste. Whereas our seeds have been putting big smiles on the faces of loyal customers worldwide, our knowledge of high-end crop cultivation extends beyond seeds and flower buds alone. As global awareness of the benefits of CBD grows, the Amsterdam Genetics team has developed a high quality range of dietary cannabidiol supplements to surpass existing quality levels.

Each bottle ‘CBD Oil 5%’ contains 10ml of high quality CBD Oil (500mg SupMedi CBD), made from organically grown hemp. With a supercritical CO2-extraction method, only the best part of the hemp is extracted. Leaving us with a FULL SPECTRUM, clear oil that is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and minerals:

Bottle containing 10ml of high quality, full spectrum ‘Supmedi’ CBD Oil 5% (500mg cannabidiol) for oral/sublingual use.


Store in a dry, cool place out of children’s reach, don’t use during pregnancy or lactation.

As travellers, we all like to make the most of our shopping experience- especially if we’re visiting the centre for finance and trade itself. Shoppers will definitely find several flagship stores for big brands in every city corner. But suppose you’re looking at a different consumer’s perspective. In that case, the smaller streets are the best places to score precious thrift store finds, including community restaurants and independent shops- from clothes and localised souvenirs to beauty and wellness products. Just a few years back, CBD as a hemp derivative was legalised in the city- allowing consumers to enjoy CBD in the form of medicines, edibles, vapes, and cosmetics. So, if you are planning for a quick Amsterdam getaway, visiting some of its local CBD stores is one of the many things you cannot miss while you’re in it.

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Hallo- welcome to the city of freedom! Today, we’re travelling (virtually) to Amsterdam, the stunning capital of the Netherlands. It is a populous city full of locals with diverse nationalities. Although half of the city’s inhabitants are indigenous Dutch, some of them like to call themselves Amsterdammers or Mokumers in more colloquial terms. They are consistently reputed to have a friendly attitude towards foreigners. In fact, the vast majority are fluent in English, so there’s no need for overseas travellers to learn Dutch before circling the town.

A Closer Look into CBD: What It Is, and the Potential Health Benefits It Might Hold

Normalising the cultivation and trade of legal cannabis is regulated by a series of ‘tolerance criteria’ for shop-owners to strictly follow. For instance, the Dutch law mandates that CBD products shall be tolerated with a maximum THC level of 0.05% only. Otherwise, these products shall never be sold nor used anywhere in the country. While rules and regulations have made a conservative turn, the CBD market continuously flourishes in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. As a primary point of sale, the city is reputed to provide a wide variety of CBD products to tailor to every consumer’s needs and interests.

Legal CBD products often come with a COA, basically a certificate of analysis or quality control that verifies whether the product contains the appropriate CBD quantities. Manufacturers are not permitted to directly provide their own analysis. The COA should be derived from a third-party testing source to ensure accurate and impartial results. Always ask the retailer to provide you with a COA, especially if the item does not come with one.

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Anastasiia Myronenko is a Medical Physicist actively practicing in one of the leading cancer centers in Kyiv, Ukraine. She received her master’s degree in Medical Physics at Karazin Kharkiv National University and completed Biological Physics internship at GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Germany. Anastasiia Myronenko specializes in radiation therapy and is a fellow of Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists.

But CBD isn’t limited to medicinal use. Recreational users also enjoy smoking CBD and experiencing the relaxing and clear-headed effects the cannabinoid offers. The high demand for the molecule has led breeders to develop cultivars with much higher CBD levels than traditional varieties. Strains with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1 provide a relaxing effect with a mellow high. However, some cultivars contain incredibly high levels of CBD (

The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards took place from April 2019 to September 2019. The massive competition featured 45 coffeeshops from all over the city, and votes came in from over 50 countries across the planet—over 54,000 votes in total. Such a massive number of votes, from such a diverse array of locations, has served to identify the very best coffeeshops in the city.


Head over to the modern bar area to check out the menu and decide which CBD flowers you’re in the mood to smoke. Once you’ve made the purchase, head to the back of the room where you’ll find a glass partition, behind which is the smoking lounge—a small space filled with low wooden tables and long leather couches. It’s a blissful space to blaze CBD flowers, converse with friends, and sip some fresh coffee.

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Het Ballonnetje is one of the oldest coffeeshops in the city, located in front of the University of Amsterdam. It’s frequented by locals, which is often a good sign in terms of service and product quality. Since opening their shop in 1978, they’ve become one of the most popular spots.

Most cannabis lovers visit Amsterdam to get truly mangled—but the time comes when one must return to reality for a bit. CBD strains can help to tame the THC high, and make a great smoke early in the morning before exploring the city. Here are the best places to find CBD buds.