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benefits of cannabis tincture

5. Low calorie tinctures and topicals offer alternatives to calorie-conscious users. They have fewer calories than cannabis baked goods. You also have more control over your administration of tinctures while users often worry about the dosage in edibles.

10. Versatile tinctures and topicals offer options to smoking and vaping. You can use them instead, or you can vary your consumption choices. You can carry topicals when you travel, tinctures while you work, and smoke when it is convenient or socially-acceptable.

Tinctures, too, lack the necessary serious research. But, for those who do not smoke, cannot smoke, have difficulty swallowing, or want more control of their dosage, tinctures provide a reliable and increasingly popular option.

Here’s 10 surprising benefits of cannabis tinctures and topicals:

6. Convenience drives customers to tinctures and topicals. Tinctures store in glass dropper bottles in a dark, cool pantry or the refrigerator. You can store homemade lotions and salves in useful or decorative jars. Cannabis dispensaries are already stocking them as spa treatments as effective aromatherapies and pain relievers.

2. Do-it-yourself cannabis bath salts provide a relaxing soak at the end of a rough day. You can buy them online or at marijuana dispensaries, but you can make them easily at home with a few ingredients.

3. Luxury products are hitting the market aggressively. Celebrities and fashion lines are branding beauty treatments with chemical roots in cannabis. Lip balm sticks treat your lips to a defense against cold sores, dry lips, or oral infections. Applied regularly, it offers you a discrete high you can use throughout the day without notice.

4. Pain relief comes with the use of cannabis-derived lotions. They produce a double benefit. As you massage the lotion into tired or strained muscles and joints, you profit from the kneading application. But, the cannabis also goes to work with its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory qualities. The lotion manufacturers blend specific strains with oils and other ingredients to produce an attractive user and effective option to over-the-counter products.

Whichever tincture you choose, this tried-and-true method works. It might not generate the same amount of press as wax and shatter, but it’s a classic delivery method for good reason.

So far, so good, but how do you administer your tincture?

If you choose to swallow instead, the delta-9-THC (the psychoactive component) turns into 11-Hydroxy THC as it passes through your liver. This process delays the onset of effects from 15 minutes to 2 hours or more.

Side Effects of Marijuana Tinctures

While THC tinctures deliver all the above and more, CBD tinctures can deliver a shower of medical benefits. From helping with a waning appetite to dealing with insomnia, reducing inflammation to soothing psoriasis, the list goes on.

Tinctures, nickname “the moonshine of marijuana,” were the leading form of marijuana medicine until it was first banned back in 1937. Safe and relatively easy to make, the process involved is akin to dissolving some sugar in water.

What’s the point of going to all this trouble, though? Surely you could just rely on the time-honored methods of smoking or go ‘twenty-first century’ with your dab rig?

You could, but tinctures come with a few distinct benefits.

Patented cannabis tinctures were even sold over the counter in the early twentieth century.

Did you know tinctures were the primary form of pain relief before aspirin? In fact, cannabis tinctures were extremely popular before cannabis prohibition.

#2) Tinctures provide dosage control

Tinctures also don’t have a noticeable odor when stored, so you can easily carry it with you on the go.

The infusion is immediately absorbed into the arterial system, making its way to the brain and body.

If you’re interested in learning more about this healthier ingestion method, here are 9 things you need to know about cannabis tinctures.