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beezy beez cbd oil

Even if you’ve fully consumed the product and want your money back, because you didn’t find it helpful or didn’t like it – simply get in touch with us ([email protected]) and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Because our original and main ingredient (raw honey) is inherently natural, all our products followed suit and were created with natural and organic ingredients, that includes the Botanical Extract CBD Oil.

7:52 – What is Hemp Seed Oil?
8:33 – HempMe products dosage breakdown

Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder

2:00 – Step 1 in figuring out the dosage numbers – container volume

It’s these kinds of statements that got us very motivated to see what we can do to reach as many people as possible. We came across an incredibly scary statistic, that the real number of adults living with pain or anxiety is much higher than 76 million (official number) Americans, because most people dealing with these issues are un-diagnosed due to feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.

9:52 – Our 365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The reason it works so well is because we use Botanical Extract CBD Oil. What does that mean and why does it matter so much? Because inside a hemp plant, there are over 100 different cannabinoid compounds, with Botanical Extract CBD being only one of them. It’s when they all work together in their unprocessed state, that you get the most benefit, potency and strength.

servings per container: 30

We only use 100% natural ingredients, USA grown Botanical Extract, that produces high quality and real results.

Our Botanical Extract Oil is a multi-purpose oil. With just three essential ingredients – Botanical Extract Oil suspended in a mix of Coconut (MCT) Oil and Sunflower (Lecithin) oil – we crafted our Botanical Extract Oil to appeal to people who are looking for the ultimate all-purpose supplement, free of flavorings, colorings, and additives. Because Beezy Beez Botanical Extract Oil contains no flavorings, it retains the original aroma of the plant.


container size: 30mL (1oz)

serving size: 1mL (dropper) – 17mg or 33mg or 50mg of Botanical Extract

All orders ship the next day if ordered before 2:30 PM PST, and are shipped via Expedited Shipping with a 3-5 day delivery time.

Our hemp extract honey contains full spectrum 500mg of hemp extract in each jar. Our full spectrum CBD contains under the legal limit of 0.3%, and due to that we are allowed to put the “NO THC” on the label. Our honey is harvested from New York and New Jersey. The jars are re-useable as well: They can bee used as salt and pepper shakers, or your old fashioned shot glass for all of the party bees out there. We also cream the honey so you can spread it on anything you want. Beezy Beez Hemp Eextract products are all certified and made in our very own certified facility. We are open to the public on certain days as well. Buzz by!