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90 cbd oil

All our products are within the UK 0.01% THC limit.

Made from CO2 extracted 90% Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil giving you get the best quality products using this process.

At times the CBD oil can become hard or solidified especially when the product is 1st delivered to the customer or has been standing a while and it may be difficult to remove the oil from the syringe. When this happens, simply fill a glass with warm water and let the syringe sit in the water, with the protective cap still on, for 30-60 seconds. Remove the syringe from the water, and the oil should easily be pushed from the syringe.

Silverback CBD 90% Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil is our smoothest and strongest organic CBD oil extract. Unfiltered, it maintains all-natural waxes and chlorophyll’s retaining all of the 400 molecules naturally occurring in the hemp plant.

Image of 2 x syringes is for marketing purposes for the Clearance Deals, 1 x Syringe supplied per order if not using Code Offer.

Each syringe is filled with 90% PURE RAW FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT which means it has not been extracted or processed with any heat or chemicals. This is important because it means that all of the CBDA, as well as all the other cannabinoids and trace elements, are present and in their original ratios as provided by nature.

The syringe application brings our 90% Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil into a versatile format. This is a simple, clean delivery method allows you to precisely monitor the dose & used directly under the tongue or simply added to food or drinks

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness.

Treatibles® contain full spectrum hemp CBD oil extracted from whole plant medicinal grade hemp grown in the USA. In addition to several therapeutic compounds, terpenes and flavonoids are included creating what is known as the entourage effect, providing a full spectrum of benefits for pets. We ensure the purest, most effective, non-psychoactive and non-toxic full spectrum oil.

1 mg per every 10 lbs. of animal’s weight. Administer every 4-8 hours as needed.
Example: 7 lb. animal receives 7 drops, a 30 lb. animal receives 1 full dropper.

Drops can be administered by:


For pets needing extra support, administration can be doubled.
Treatibles® are safe and non-toxic. Dosage may be administered as needed, according to the individual animal’s relief response from Treatibles®. Pet guardians should observe their animal before and after administration to observe optimal dose. You know your pet better than anyone else. Based on millions of administrations and data, hemp poses no undue risk to the animal.

90 mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil per bottle.
3 mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil per full dropper.
.1 mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil per drop. (10 drops = 1 mg)

CBD is the second most widely known cannabinoid after THC, and the primary compound in the industrial hemp plant.

CBD, unlike THC, doesn’t produce a psychoactive effect, or a “high.” While CBD cannot substitute for proper medical treatment in any way, recent studies have shown promise that CBD may alleviate the symptoms of many common conditions. However, more research is needed and CBD should never be used as a replacement to an actual medical treatment.

CBD Distillate vs Isolate

Because CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive, it is extremely useful for people who want to reap its benefits, without it interfering with work, school or family responsibilities.

One of the other great benefits of CBD distillate and CBD isolate for many users is their extreme concentration and potency. For many people, especially medical cannabis users, many of the common methods of consuming CBD, such as swallowing capsules, eating edibles, applying topicals or vaporizing oils, are prohibitive due to their medical condition.

There are many different ways to get CBD, including edibles, topicals and softgels. Among the purest forms of CBD are isolates and distillates. In fact, these are the main ingredients used to produce CBD edibles, topicals, softgels and other CBD products. CBD distillate or CBD isolate extracted from the hemp plant contain trace amounts of THC (<0.3%) or no THC at all.